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Westfir, located at milepost 582.7 on the Southern Pacific, was the location of the lumber mill Western Lumber Company, established in 1923. Western Lumber Co. received the contract to clear the timber for the new railroad right-of-way between Pryor and Cascade Summit which was the basis of forming the mill. The name later became the Westfir Lumber Co., and lastly, the Edward Hines Lumber Co.. During the year of 1966 the mill shipped nearly 2900 carloads of wood products via the Southern Pacific in the form of lumber, plywood, and woodchips.


As with any industry, the Western Lumber Co. went through changes to remain competitive in an ever growing lumber products market. New methods were adapted for removing logs from the woods, and processing them at the mill. In the early days, manual hand tools were used and the steam donkey could be seen just about anywhere at a logging site.

The railroad proved to be satisfactory for hauling logs out of the North Fork drainage up until the late 40's which followed the North Fork Willamette River from Westfir to Camp 5, roughly 12 miles from Westfir. At Eighth Creek, WLC utilized an incline to reach Huckleberry Flat and the large timber that it provided.

After the railroad, the log truck was the key method for hauling logs out of the woods to the mill pond, where they were dumped and routed to the mill. via the river

To compete with an ever growing market for lumber products, the last owner of the mill, Edward Hines, installed the plywood plant. Due to the location of the mill and having very little room to expand, the veneer plant was located on the east side of the mill complex near the Southern Pacific trainoreder office. The Plywood plant was located on the west side of the mill complex and was also the last to cease operations due to fire.

Below you will find links to various photo sections relating to each portion of the mill. The last section deals with the logging operations and includes the logging railroad owned and operated by the mill.

Edward Hines Company News Letter

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