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The Hull-Oakes Lumber Co., near Monroe, Oregon, represents the last revenue steam operated sawmill in the United States still in operation. On August 2nd 1996, the Hull-Oakes sawmill was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and though it's history goes way back, it is not operated for the purpose of historical preservation. This unique sawmill is one of the few mills that can handle large logs for producing extreme dimension timbers and is frequently called upon for that purpose

Hull-Oakes ships by rail, a service provided by the Portland & Western (Willamette & Pacific), but in recent years, service has been limited to as-needed. The track to the mill, known as the Bailey Branch, is in very poor operating condition and a maximum speed of 5 MPH is required.

Photo courtesy: Gary M. Katz.

If you are unable to tour the mill, then check out the links below. Golden Rail Video has captured the Hull-Oakes Lumber Co. on video describing every aspect of the lumber process. In 2006, Golden Rail Video released this footage on a 2 hour long DVD with added footage not previously released on the VHS version.

  • Golden Rail Video...A selection of unique video documentaries about steam railroading and a well made video covering the Hull-Oakes Co. Sawmill
  • Hull-Oakes Sawmill...On The Road with Gary M. Katz. Excellent photo essay of the mill!!

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  • 4L Special Interest group covering all aspects of logging

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