The SP crosses the North Fork of The Willamette River and USFS road #19 at Westfir. To the left, the tracks round a large curve and enter Tunnel #22.

Logging RR connection

This view is looking toward Tunnel 22. The logging railroad connected to the mainline in the left of the photo.

Same location looking RR east. The Logging RR left the mainline and curved to the right at this location. Around the curve on the SP is the North Fork Willamette River Bridge.

The three photos above represent the track layout at the old Westfir Mill location. The black lines show where the track was once located. The foundation between the two lines was the old plywood dryer.

This small bridge is located just RR west of the west switch of the Westfir siding. Though the siding has been removed, evidence of it still remains at this location.

This crossing is located 50 feet from where the east switch of the Westfir siding was located. This road leads to Tunnel 23, and Tunnel 24, and follows the north shore of Lookout Point Reservoir to Lowell.

Click HERE to view tunnel #22

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