Cascade Summit
(Planton) MP 537

Train order office at Cascade Summit during a period of heavy snow.

East Cascade Summit

East switch, looking toward Abernethy.
Signal Bridge at east switch.
Heavy snow was not uncommon at Cascade Summit. Here we get a view of the winter living conditions.
Section foreman's quarters with trapper creek in the foreground.

Wye Photos

Moving dirt at the wye, looking railroad west. The track to the right is the west leg.
This shot, taken from the top of a train, shows the crossovers and the east leg of the wye switch. The train in the photo is holding the siding.
Photo taken from the base leg of the wye looking railroad east toward Oakridge.
Looking railroad west toward the wye, taken near the water column.

West Cascade Summit

West switch looking railroad east. In the past, this signal mast was equipped with three targets. Just beyond the switch in the foreground, another switch, now removed, turned to the left from the mainline with a siding leading to the east switch.
Switch heater covers, signal bungalow and propane tanks.
Signal bungalow
Looking toward Crescent Lake. This signal bridge once spanned three tracks.
What's left of the 50,000 gallon water tank.
The water tank that occupied this location is similar in design to the tank that still stands at Wicopee. To view the tank at Wicopee, click HERE. A seperate window will open.
View taken from tracks at concrete water tower base, and the 12" water supply pipe that supplied the water column.

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