January 2006
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Short timer Wally poses in front of Spreader #4033 at Oakridge while the Snowflake is prepared for service, January 29, 2006

Unlocking the wings at milepost 547, between tunnels 6 and 7

Left wing spreading snow near the east portal of Tunnel 6

Wally comments on the attire of the switch shovelers which are about to climb off to clean out the west switch at Cruzatte. Cleaning out the switches is needed after the spreader fills the switch with any snow that accumulates

Backing out over the east Switch Cruzatte from the siding. The Dispatcher then lined the switch for movement up the mainline to plow the snow over the side of the mountain. The snow piled up on the mainline is from the spreader shoving the snow from the siding

Plowing up the mainline at the east switch Cruzatte, Bruce Campbell at the throttle

East switch Cruzatte approaching the Cascade Creek Bridge

Cascade Creek at Cruzatte

© Joel Ashcroft