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An AC class helper fills the sky with smoke departing Oakridge. Nine cars behind this helper, another AC class helper is doing it's work

Westbound train on track 2 departs Oakridge. This shot was taken from the original overpass, which has been replaced

Extra 4132 east departs Oakridge Yard track #3, around a 5000 series 4-10-2

Two AC Cab Forwards at the roundhouse, likely to be cut-in to the train on 2 track, which is being led by F units. It was not uncommon to see F units leading a freight over the hill with 2 Cab Forward helpers

View of Oakridge Yard taken from the overpass. This view is looking toward the west switch

2nd section of train #675 emerges from Tunnel 22. The switch in the foreground leads to the structures that made up the location called 'Tunnel'

The Oakridge local, led by #2835, departs Oakridge

Jim Paschelke hangs on to the tender of Deck #3627, as his father Walt snaps a photo

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