SD-40T-2 #8261 is a 3000 horsepower locomotive built in May of 1980 The "T" symbol indicates that the locomotive is a "Tunnel Motor." Tunnel motors were built primarily for the Southern Pacific Railroad to use in the long tunnels and snowsheds of Donner Pass. The radiator intakes were enlarged and moved from the top of the carbody, down to the bottom sill. This new feature enabled the locomotive cooling fans to draw in cooler air near the floor of the long tunnels and reduce overheating. The Rio Grande was another buyer of the Tunnel Motor. The SP then began purchasing the 3600 horsepower version of the tunnel motor, the SD-45T-2

SP Units
D&RGW Units

After the extensive GRIP rebuilding program done by the SP at the Sacramento shops, several rebuilt SD-40T-2s were parked at Eugene. The above photo shows a long string stored on departure track #10.

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