Soda Springs
Donner Pass, Snowfigting

Rotary works east on #2 track west at Soda Springs, February 22, 1993

Just west of Soda Springs a spreader puts on a great show kicking up the snow as it works east, January 16, 1995

A spreader set has stopped west of Soda Springs as an eastbound mty coal train comes up behind, March 17, 2006

A snow cat with the cat operators on board heads east as a spreader follows. The Cat operators work to plow snow away from tracks giving the spreader more room to move snow, March 17, 2006

A flanger plows east at Soda Springs on #1 Track as an eastbound frieght waits on #2 Track, April 13, 2003

Legend on 'The Mountain' Jim Mahon aka 'The Bear' and son Vance in Spreader cab at Soda Springs, December 5, 1994

Eastbound at Soda Springs on #2 Track, April 13, 2003

Meet at Soda Springs. UP 4737 is westbound on #1 track, April 13, 2003

Rotary working east on #2 track west of Soda Springs, February 22, 1993

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