Donner Pass, Snowfigting

Rotary works west on #1 Track leaving Norden, February 9, 1978

Spreader set works west at Norden, April 17, 2006

A single SD-9 leads a flanger west on the #2 Track at Norden. It is exiting snow sheds just east of Norden, February 12, 1973

At Norden on Frebruary 22 the spreader waits just inside the shed patiently waiting for the rotary to be fueled and watered before leading the way east down to Truckee, February 22, 1993

Rotaries arriving at Norden, #2 track, February 25, 1998

The Bear (Jim Mahon) arrives at Norden after freeing the snowed in empty grain train to join the spreader crew on December 23, 1996

A rotary puts on a spectacular show leaving Norden westbound. Mt. Judah is directly over the shed under which Tunnel 41 travels, March 24, 1995

© Joel Ashcroft
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