Abernethy, 1940

This derailment occurred just east of Abernethy. Earlier in the day a westbound freight with the above cab forward #4021, and a second helper, #4126, passed this location where they were to be cut-out and return to Oakridge. The plan was to cut-out and not stop for beans at the summit as there was a picnic being held at Blue Pool, near McCredie Springs, for the enginemen.

After the westbound had passed this location, a track foreman jacked up the mainline to do minor repair work not knowing that the helpers would not stop for beans which was a common practice. Thinking this was going to be the case, the foreman did not set any flags or provide any orders for protection.

After cutting out of the train, the two helper units descended toward Oakridge. Upon leaving Abernethy, they rounded the curve and struck the raised mainline where the 4021 smashed into the rocks and onto the fireman's side. The fireman was killed. The trailing unit, 4126, went over the side, nearly upside down.

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