Hampton to Cascade Summit

Near Milepost 573.5, just above Pryor.

Westfir, (North Fork Bridge)

West Portal, Tunnel 22

Salmon Creek Bridge

Salmon Creek Bridge

McFee headquarters near Pryor

Ditcher at above Pryor


Milepost 572.4, west of Pryor


Rooster Rock taken from atop Tunnel 21 with timber removed for construction

Rooster Rock taken from atop Tunnel 21 with track completed


Tunnel 21

East of Tunnel 21 looking toward Rooster Rock


Milepost 571.3, just east of McCredie Springs.

Salt Creek Bridge

Salt Creek Bridge


Salt Creek Bridge

West Fields and Tunnel 15

Tunnel 15

West portal Tunnel 15

East portal Tunnel 15

MP 552, Steep Canyon Bridge

MP 549 and Side Canyon Bridge

Side Canyon bridge

East Portal Tunnel 11, near MP 549

Noisy Creek Bridge, Looking RR East toward Tunnel 10

Noisy Creek Bridge, looking toward Tunnel 9

Noisy Creek

Shady Creek Bridge

West Portal, Tunnel 3

Lumber Mill at Odell Lake

Lumber camp at Odell lake for processing timber

Trapper Creek, (East switch Cascade Summit)

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