MP 611.91

At Milepost 611.91, Through Plate Girder Spans cross the county road, and one of the Wilamette River overflow channels. This location is also known as Fall Creek Junction.

Between 1950 and 1951, work was done on 3 bridges at Milepost 611. This page covers the bridge at Milepost 611.91. This 2 span bridge crosses the county road that connects Japser with Lowell.

The bridge consists of 2 - 80' Through Plate Girder Spans crossing 166' between abutments with an E-72 Loading. During construction, an error in the placement of the spans on the center pier resulted in a lower clearance than what the original plans called for. The resulting clearances were within legal limits, so no corrective action was taken. Steelwork and all of the riveting was completed on October 2, 1950, and painting was completed on October 9, 1950.

Before ballasting was done, a 1 inch thick asphalt barrier was spread over the deck. This was the same grade as used on highways during 1950.

Looking direction railroad west on the upstream side of the bridge.

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